Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rocks, Rocks, Rocks!

 Here are the promised pictures of our new rock garden! We had a great long weekend, despite Friday and Saturday's constant rain, ton of slush/snow and power outages. Sunday melted most of the snow and Monday morning turned out to be beautiful. I cleaned the house, Kurt worked on the construction in our basement and we planted the flowers in our rock beds. We then went canoeing and had a weiner roast with some friends. I also dug a whole bunch of perrenials from some of Kurt's relatives... I can not wait to plant them!
Carefully placing the stones...
Kurt's genious idea of making "flower pots" inside the rocks...
And the beautiful results! There are three little spots with perrenials at the base of the sidewalk/drive way.
Up by the house/walk way we have two spots currently housing annuals. We may change this next year to perrenials, depending on how we like them down by the sidewalk and how well they survive the winter banks of piled up snow on top of them...
Come over and visit to see our lovely rocks in real life!


  1. That is A LOT of rocks! I looks really nice - I can hardly wait to see in person!