Monday, May 16, 2011

Back In The Game!

Good day readers!!

As you may have noticed... I took a somewhat lengthy sabatical from posting on my blogs. Sorry about that! A change of job description and added work load, coupled with a CRAZY personal life left me with little choice. I believe, however, that it is time to get back in the game!

I have BIG plans for this summer regarding my garden, yard and catching up/finishing many projects that have been on the go for years. Some posts you can look forward to (hopefully) are:

-Transplanting wild Saskatoon Bushes
-Transplanting Raspberries
-Experimental potato sacks and old tires!
-New garden beds being built and cultivated...
-Rocks, rocks and more rocks! I am planning on expanding the use of rocks in our yard! (check out last years posts: here here and here)
-Pruning and Plant Care, etc.
-Produce Preservation, etc
-'Green' living tips

-My Wedding Album!
-Random Scrapbooking
-Rag Rug completion (hopefully!)...after about 11 years...
-Painting & Home Reno's

-Organizational and Garage Sale Tips
 -Yoga Information
-and all the other random 'scraps' that make up my life!

Check back soon to see crafty updates here, and don't forget to check out my new book reviews at The Benterud Bookshelf.

I also now have a TWITTER page!! It is new so there has not been a whole lot of activity yet...but I would love to have you drop by and leave me a tweet @pbenterud!!

Happy Scrappin'!