Thursday, May 13, 2010


Complete and utter desolation entered my soul when I got home from work yesterday. All of my hard work and tender love of the last several weeks was lying squished and strewn across my back deck. My greenhouse had been blown over in the strong wind, leaving my poor seedlings strewn under their pots and dirt just waiting to die. As tenderly as I could, I scooped each little plant back into their pot, trying hard not to cry. In that moment I felt like my home had just been devestated by a flood or tornado (a bit of an overreaction, I admit now) and I was looking at the remains of my life. I was able to salvage most of my plants... but we will have to see if most of them revive or not. Cracked and squished zucchinni and squash limbs, wilted and bent tomato plants, upturned and dirtless strawberry plants... please survive! I love you!
The majority of my little flower seedlings are gone, but a few hardy plants remain. My flower pots will be a lot more scarce than I originally thought, but I guess that is the way it goes. I can always plant some more seeds and enjoy later blooms.
On a happier note, our grass is coming along quite well. Now instead of looking like thin elephant hair, it resembles a somewhat patchy, thin caterpillar! We are thrilled! This evening we are hoping to head out to the farm and pick a truck load of rocks for our front walk and flower beds.
It is a gorgeous day and all will be well in the world again soon!

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