Friday, May 14, 2010

Our Yard ROCKS!

Kurt and I headed out to the farm last night for a lovely dinner with Kurt's Mom, Grandma, and sister. Mmm... we had wonderful steaks and veggies and even carrot cake and strawberries for desert! Thanks Mom! But then the real fun began... we headed out to the field to pick rocks!! It was a ton of fun, tromping around the field finding treasures in neat colours and funky shapes. We loaded down the truck... literally! Kurt kept saying "I think we have enough" but we just kept piling more in. We even found a large rock with some fossils in it. We will use it as a "feature" rock in the front I think.
We got home around 9:30 but we were too excited to just go to bed, so Kurt and I unloaded all of the rocks and arranged them alongside our driveway and front walk. It looks fantastic! We are so pleased with the look already! We need one more load about the same size to finish off along the driveway, and then lots more to fill under our front deck. We are going to put small patches of perrenials between some of the rocks along the front corner and maybe along the driveway as well. I cannot believe how great it looks... OUR YARD ROCKS!

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