Monday, May 10, 2010

Pruning and Painting; the Perfect Weekend!

This past weekend was spectacular! I spent my time doing things I love...what could be better than that? On Friday Kurtis and Cory left on a roadtrip for Calgary. Cory bought a Harley Davidson, so they set off in the truck to bring the new baby home. As usual, the weather seemed absolutely beautiful, but these boys had been fooled before. No more early Spring bike trips through Fox Creek and Valleyview, because inevitably it will snow... and it did. They were very thankful to have the truck!
Since I was "bachin" it this weekend, I decided to go and visit my dear Mummsy. Friday afternoon I got off work a little early and headed on down the highway. I decided to detour to Dawson Creek and  check out the local pawn shops and garage sales, which turned out to be a complete waste of time. The weather sure was funny this weekend.I drove through four or five different 5-10 km stretches of snow and hail, and always came out on the other side to find brilliantly warm sunshine and dry pavement.
I finally reached Tumbler Ridge and my Mum and Pops. We spent the evening chatting, drinking Tea, loading up old facia and soffets (that my Dad had spent the day salvaging off a neighbours house for his new garage) and looking through family treasures and keepsakes.
We started out searching for a scrapbook that we had done of our ancstors grave rubbings when we were young (don't get me started on the outrage that inspired this hunt!) and wound up finding a really old Bible and recipe book from my Dad's Great Grandmother. We had a riot reading old kiddie books, looking through my Mom's birth annoucement cards and learning how to make homemade cough syrup!
On Saturday, my Mom and I spent the entire morning ruthlessly pruning and weeding her perrenial/rock garden. I am in a bit of a "rock phase" right now, always noticing rocks and dreaming up things to do with them in my yard, so I had a great time discovering the beautiful rock work under all of the creeping vines and fronds. After several hours we came out victorious, arms battered and covered in scratches, but loving the look of the yard! We then organized her entire prop/costume room at the school, and rewarded ourselves with a cold drink at the restaurant and a round of cribbage. I haven't spent time with my Mum in a long time, so it was nice to catch up for awhile. Once Mum left for music practice, I conned by Brother into playing a few rounds of crib with me, and then we decided to root through all of our old playmobile and sort out mine from his. It is so easy to revert back to your childhood and just want to play!
I finally drug myself away from the toys and headed home, crawling into bed beside my husband at about 11pm.
Sunday moring Kurt was not feeling well and decided to pass out for another few hours instead of going to church. When he is sick, he could sleep for days, poor boy. Coffee in hand and good ol' country tunes blaring, I decided to be productive! I put my plants out, and got to work on my landscape ties. Last week I found an ad on "FSJ Now" and bought 19 ties for $45 dollars to make raised garden beds in my backyard. I spent the entire day sanding and painting and am very pleased with the results... other than the wicked sunburn that is! They started out faded blue and ended up fire-engine red! I can't wait to get a load of dirt and some spikes... garden here we come!

I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day weekend and were able to spend some time with your Mother, just doing the things you love to do!


  1. Yeah, but now I have a wicked tan already!!! HAHA on you whitey!