Friday, May 21, 2010

Our Yard ROCKS!! Part 2

A little while ago we started lining our driveway with rocks from my in-laws farm, "Solid Rock Ranch." Well, this week we got another truck load of rocks and finished off all along the driveway. I had been taking with my negihbour a few days ago, and she suggested laying old shingles down on the ground to keep the weeds from growing up through the rocks. What a brilliant idea, thanks Tara! We went to a supply store and got a bunch of old shingles dirt cheap. We laid them all down in the shape we wanted and the proceeded to pile our rocks in the design we wanted. We left three holes for flowers at the front corner, and two holes for flowers at the top (close to the house) corner. We also left a small space where we are planning on putting a triangular walking path block, since we usually "cut the corner" anyway. We are super pleased with the results!
Last night we went out to Dunvegan gardens and Kurt picked out some flowers (!!) for the spots among the rocks that we left. He chose some really cute daisy-like flowers, a miniature alpine spreading flower, as well as some neat creeping/cactus-like plants called "hen and chicks." They are actually quite cute and will hopefully fill out nicely. Now I just need to plant some flowers and wait for the grass to grow. I may have to wait to plant the flowers though, since it is supposed to snow all night tonight and all day tomorrow. Typical May-Long weekend!
Pictures to follw when it is nice out again....

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