Thursday, May 27, 2010

Perennial Paradise

For the past week we have been getting up at 5am because Kurt has to be at work by 6 am. We get up, have a nice breakfast together, and then I drive Kurt (and our neighbour) to work. Then I have 2 hours to myself before I have to go to work, it is bliss! The morning are so sunny and bright! It is usually much more calm in the morning, and no one else is around. I make my coffee, and then work on whatever I want to!
Yester-morning I planted our front flowerbed with beautiful perennials I got from Brenda. The beds are filled with Japanese Iris, Anemone, Columbine, White Daisies, Pink Daisies and Lupins... all gorgeous and healthy perennials. They look fantastic, and will look even better in a little while when they are all in bloom. Our yard is starting to look established... well... cared for at least!

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