Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Raised Bed Garden

It is time to get the garden in! But, since I didn't yet have a garden, it was first time to get the garden spot made! We got a load of topsoil yesterday morning and laid out the boards during my lunch hour to figure out where/what we wanted. Originally we were going to make two 4 x 16 beds paralel to one another, but I would have had to buy several more boards. Instead we decided it would look really good to make a corner bed... one 4 x 16 and one 4 x 12 put together to make an even "L" shape. We left about 3 feet from where the side fence is going to be, and about 6 or 7 feet from where the back fence is going to be. We are thinking about making a rock garden or small patio between the fence and beds. We will see what happens I guess...

When I got home from work I measured and cut the boards to fit in the shape we deciede on and then re-painted all of the fresh cut ends. After supper Kurt came out and helped me pound spikes to fit everything together and then we leveled them off and shoveled the beds full of dirt. 
Tada! It looks fantastic and we are really pleased with how the whole thing worked out. Now I cannot wait to get out there and do some planting!
 In other news, Kurtis made a harness for my greenhouse and attached it to the deck...no more blown over plants for me!

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