Monday, August 30, 2010

THIS JUST IN!!! Creative Memories newest consultant!

After much time and deliberation, I am now OFFICIALLY A CREATIVE MEMORIES CONSULTANT!
My husband and I have decided that it is finally the right time, and I am now branching out and offering this great new service to my wonderful clients!

If you want to host a "Photo Solutions Party" or any type of get together (card making, mini page tutorial, wine tasting!, etc), just let me know! I am pretty flexible with when I am available and would love to try and accomodate you.
Not a scrapbooker? Overwhelmed by pictures? Creative Memories offers LOTS of solutions to simply help you get your photos organized, whether it be digitally, or tangibly.
Already love Creative Memories and need some supplies? You can place an order on my NEW WEBSITE and have it delivered directly to you home!
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Challenge #5: A Sentimental Journey (using computer generated text)

Challenge #5 already! If you haven't already, head on over to Lasting Memories to see what all my Design Teammates have come up with for this "Sentimental Journey" challenge.
The real challenge with this one was the computer generated text/title. I don't often use the computer to print anything (other than pictures!), why else would I have a cricut?? :)
I found, however, some 'computer generated' things I already had and wanted to use.
This layout is a tribute to my wonderful read about some of my Grammy's wonderful characteristics and adventures, click HERE.

I began by digging through a box of old photos and newspaper cutouts and journal entries from my Grandma. There was so much I wanted to use, but I decided to stick with just pictures and keep it simple- a tribute to her memory. I am planning on adding a few more layouts to follow this one, showcasing memorabilia and family pictures. 
The following painting and picture on a swing are the front and back cover from her funeral program. This was a true celebration of life and love.  
The 'computer gernerated' text that I used is actually the Eulogy/Life story in a nutshell that we all got a copy of after the Memorial. My Grandmother was a truly amazing woman, and I can only hope to one day be as inspirational to my children and grandchildren as she was to all of us.  

To see more inspiration and "sentimental journeys' head on over to Lasting Memories!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hubby's Birthday Card

Since it is Friday, I thought I would share something different. This is the first card I have ever shown on my blog! I made this for my Hubby's birthday this year, and wrote all kinds of sweet sentimental garble in it... lovely!
I used a Stampin'Up stamp set, and some random pieces of paper, ribbon and buttons from my stash.
I think my favourite part was the matching envelope... inspired! :)

HAPPY FRIDAY to you all! Check out some of these great blog-hops! I'm off to work, and then huckleberry picking this evening! Have a lovely weekend... and don't forget... today is the LAST DAY to enter your "simple" layouts over at the Lasting Memories Layout Challenge! Stay tuned for a brand new challenge this Sunday!!

My Wee View

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Birthday Gifts 2010

I am blessed with a wonderful, fun, creative family. I was also blessed this year with some fantastic presents from them for my birthday... here are a peak at some of the fabulous things I received:

I love Aprons. I have quite a few... and I wear one every day. For my birthday this year, my sister Lydia made me this gorgeous tomatoe print apron! I love the colours and the style is so cute! She is so talented! Check out some of her other FABULOUS DESIGNS at Hawadaere!
The sides wrap quite far around...perfect for wiping my hands and not getting food all over my thighs and bum! The V-neckline and fitted bodice adds style and make it fit really well!
My younger sister, Eliza, got me this fantastic paper pack. I can hardly wait to start using these colourful designs! The colours are bold, the patterns fun, and the possibilities endless!
When we were in Saskatchewn, my Hubby bought me this awesome Roughriders bunny-hug (my favourite sports/football team!). It fits perfect (I happened to be there at the time...) and he also bought me two pairs of really nice sunglasses... great pick honey!
This wasn't really a birthday gift, but I got it around the same time... so it counts. My little-sister-in-law went to Switzerland for a month this summer and she brought me back these great re-usable shopping bags! How neat is that?!? What cool designs... I can hardly wait to go shopping, and I hate shopping!!
My Mother also gave me a "sticky-note-coupon" for a piece of original art from her collection... what a deal! I am seriously weighing my options and considering carefully what to choose... I'll let you know when I know! Check out some of her art HERE!
Thanks everyone!

**Don't forget to link your "simple" layouts at the Lasting Memories Layout Challenge!! This challenge ends Friday!!**

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My first Blog Award!


And what a happy day it is... I have been awarded a wonderful blog award by Karen, my team leader and blog owner of Lasting Memories Layout Challenge.  Thanks Karen!

Now, I have to pass this on:

Lydia Hibbing: I love your blog! I am always amazed by your crafty creations. Thanks for sharing!

Tracy Krauss: You always inspire me with your thoughtful reflections and creative quandries. Thanks for being so amazing and sharing your love of God and the arts with those around you!!

Button Junkie: (aka SherryAnn) I really love seeing what you come up with. Your blog is always fun to stop by and see what's new... great work!

So go ahead and pass this award on if you want, or just bask in knowing that I think your blog rocks!

***In other news... you only have until this Friday to link up your "simple" layouts over at the Lasting Memories Layout Challenge... so hurry and finish those pages, and bring a friend to be entered into the draw for a great giveaway!***

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Art Around the House...

I thought I would share some of the art that we have around our house. We don't have a ton of pictures on our walls (my Hubby is a minimalist!!), but I am slowly working at getting more neat art to feature. Maybe one day my walls will be as full as my Mum's.  Doubtful... but it is something to look forward to!!

Here are a few snippets of things that we have hanging about the house...

This first one is a painting done by my late Grandmother Nagel (Mum's Mum). She was a fantastic artist of all varieties. My Mum wrote a very inspirational piece about her that you can view here. Sorry the pictrues are not very good... it really is a lovely painting though!

This next peice is a little picture that my sister-in-law brought back for me from her recent stint in Kenya, Africa. It has wonderful texture as it is made out of grass (?) of some kind. Love it! I need to find a small frame for it so that I can put it in my African themed bathroom without worrying about it getting ruined by moisture. Thanks Sunny!

Here is a peak at my African bathroom... these are all pieces I have collected over the years wihtout even realizing I had an African theme at all. When we moved into our new home and I was unpacking I noticed that they were all the same colours and decided they made a great display. Who knew! The wooden elephant was a gift from a family friend, George Klein, who went to Africa. He brought an elephant back for each of the four kids... I think I was about six or seven when I got this. The wooden boar/pig was Kurt's gift from his sister's trip to Kenya this past winter. 

I bought this awesome painting a few years ago at a garage sale for .10 cents!!! I have no idea where it is from, but I love it!

This is one of my favourite pictures... I have always loved old trucks and this one reminds me of the old grain truck my Dad used to have in Saskatchewan. He would let us ride around in the back of it... ah the good old days! I don't remember where I aquired this print (probably a garage sale), but I really enjoy looking at it every day as I walk through the hallway.
Here are a couple smaller frames that we have in our bedroom. The one is a frame that I collaged on, and the other is a cross-stitched picture of the Northern Lights. My little sister Eliza made this for me as a birthday gift two years ago. A little reminder of home!

And of course, here is the picture that my sisiter painted this past Christmas. We have not hung it up yet, as we are not sure where to put it. We want it in the main living room, but it is too small to go on a wall by itself. Anyone have any art that would go nicely with this picture??

There you have it... a little peak at my walls...maybe one day I'll show you more!

Friday, August 20, 2010


I thought I would post another "Simplicity" layout that I prepared for this weeks challenge at Lasting Memories. Need some help getting your mind going? Need a little inspiration? Here she is!

I used my wonderful cricut and "Graphically Speaking" cartridge to cut out this lovely saying...
...and I used the "George & Basic Shapes" cartridge for the flowers.
I love how "simple" this layout is... crisp white background with crisp shapes and solid colours.  What does simple mean to you???
Be sure to enter the "Simplicity" Layout Challenge at Lasting Memories, and don't forget to tell a friend for your chance to be entered into a draw for some GREAT CANDY!!! There is only ONE week left for this challenge so hurry and post your pages!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Name in the Sand Gift

When I returned back to the office yesterday morning, one of my lovely co-workers (who had also been away on vacation) had this wonderful name-tag waiting for me. She and her husband actually took the time to write each of our names (there are 10 of us!!) in the sand, take a picture, and buy these cute little holders! She is so thoughtful... I love it!!!What a fantastic and personal gift idea! Don't be surprised if you start receiving gifts like this from me...

Thanks Kimberli!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We are back from vacation!

We are back from vacation! Wow, what a trip! We had a wonderful time, put on over 7000 km and are exhausted! Isn't it funny how you are always more tired after returning from Vacation than before you go??
And it is only just beginning... there are berries to be picked, tomatoes and peaches to can, jam to be made, a house to clean, a yard and plants to be tended to, a fence to be built, two more weddings to attend... the list just goes on and on! And somewhere in there, I would like to take some time to craft... hmm.
Well... it is going to be very busy for me in the next little while, but I thought I would leave you with some momentos from our trip!

While on the Queen Charlotte Islands, it was very cold and windy and rainy on the Northern Island (where we went first). My sister happened to bring some wool, so we crocheted some toques. She made a normal-ish toque for her husband... and mine evolved from being for my hubby... to a very feminine, small-ish hat. Cute though! I really love it and will probably wear it quite a bit this winter. Unfortunately we really didn't get to wear them much as we soon had had enough of the cold and went to the Southern Island where it was very nice most of the time!
We ended up staying a day longer in Southern BC than we had originally planned... and had to whirlwind tour home. We arried home about 4pm on Wednesday, proceeded to cut, package and freeze all of the fish we caught, unpack the truck, pack the car, shower, eat supper, stop at WalMart and Staples, and be BACK on the road in about 2 1/2 hours... heading to Saskatchewan!
We arrived in MooseJaw about half an hour before the wedding rehersal and supper. The weekend was a flurry of activity and family gatherings. But what fun we had!
As you (hopefully) know... I (and my entire family) are HUGE fans of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. My Uncle managed to find us each a box of the sold out, limited time offer cereal... FANTUZ FLAKES! Thanks Uncle Ralph!!!! It is already displayed prominently in my scrapbook room!!

There are a MILLION other stories and pictures I would love to share... but unfortunately my peaches are going moldy as I speak. They must be tended to!

It is good to be home!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Challenge #4: Simplicity

Can you believe we are already on Challenge #4? I can't...that means summer is almost over! And... I will be home from holidays tomorrow. Boo. I'll tell you all about it later this week...


I think this describes my usual scrapbooking style pretty well. I like my layouts to have straight, sharp lines, simple titles, and not be over-crowded. I actually came up wth this layout when I was working on the last challenge, so it has "stamped" elements as well... but I thought it represented "simplicty" to a T.

The pictures are from October 21, 2007- My Univeristy roommate and I did a photo shoot... she had lately become really interested in photography and needed a model. She actually did my wedding the next summer and I love her photos! Whay to go Laura!

You will note that this layout has stamping incorporated into it... and if you read my posts from the last challenge, you will know about my stamping-in-my-scrapbooks must be lessening!!
This page represents simplicity in it's looks as well as in the nature of the pictures... enjoying nature = simple.
This page uses Close To My Heart paper and ink, and Stampin' Up! stamps. I also used my cricut and my "stamped" cartridge.
I started by choosing a blue paper (Close to my Heart paper pack "Sasaparilla") that would compliment the blue sky in my pictures, but not be overbearing. I then stamped the outline of leaves in a coordinating blue ("Lilac Mist" from Close To My Heart) all over the entire page.
Next, I used "Grey Wool" ink to very sparingly stamp the overlapping leaf imprint, adding just enough colour to really make the page stand out.
 I chose a really nice light brown from the same 'Close To My Heart' paper pack and used it for matting pictures, as well as cutting out my cricut images.

 I cut out "2007" and a "happy tag" and then used white paper to cut out the letters for "Autumn." I really love how these simple words bring to life what is happening... the pure enjoyment of autumn.
I then used another "Stampin' Up!" flower stamp for something 'extra'. 
For the rest of the layout I used large blocks of paper, simple matting and cleam cut corners and lines. One circle-cut picture adds some dimension to the page. 
A simple layout, yet very pleaseing to the eye. I love how it turned out!
What can YOU do using simple techniques such as random stamping and large blocky pieces of paper?
Don't forget to check out Lasting Memories to see all of the wonderful layouts my Design Teammates have come up with for this "Simplicity" Challenge!
Happy Scrappin'! And remember, link your "Simple" layouts on the Lasting Memories Blog for fun and a chance to win!

I should be driving home from holidays tomorrow... so I'll let you know all about our trip in the next few days!!