Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We are back from vacation!

We are back from vacation! Wow, what a trip! We had a wonderful time, put on over 7000 km and are exhausted! Isn't it funny how you are always more tired after returning from Vacation than before you go??
And it is only just beginning... there are berries to be picked, tomatoes and peaches to can, jam to be made, a house to clean, a yard and plants to be tended to, a fence to be built, two more weddings to attend... the list just goes on and on! And somewhere in there, I would like to take some time to craft... hmm.
Well... it is going to be very busy for me in the next little while, but I thought I would leave you with some momentos from our trip!

While on the Queen Charlotte Islands, it was very cold and windy and rainy on the Northern Island (where we went first). My sister happened to bring some wool, so we crocheted some toques. She made a normal-ish toque for her husband... and mine evolved from being for my hubby... to a very feminine, small-ish hat. Cute though! I really love it and will probably wear it quite a bit this winter. Unfortunately we really didn't get to wear them much as we soon had had enough of the cold and went to the Southern Island where it was very nice most of the time!
We ended up staying a day longer in Southern BC than we had originally planned... and had to whirlwind tour home. We arried home about 4pm on Wednesday, proceeded to cut, package and freeze all of the fish we caught, unpack the truck, pack the car, shower, eat supper, stop at WalMart and Staples, and be BACK on the road in about 2 1/2 hours... heading to Saskatchewan!
We arrived in MooseJaw about half an hour before the wedding rehersal and supper. The weekend was a flurry of activity and family gatherings. But what fun we had!
As you (hopefully) know... I (and my entire family) are HUGE fans of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. My Uncle managed to find us each a box of the sold out, limited time offer cereal... FANTUZ FLAKES! Thanks Uncle Ralph!!!! It is already displayed prominently in my scrapbook room!!

There are a MILLION other stories and pictures I would love to share... but unfortunately my peaches are going moldy as I speak. They must be tended to!

It is good to be home!


  1. Sounds like an awesome vacation! Welcome home! Can't wait to see more pics!