Friday, August 13, 2010

Last of the 'Alphabet Album.' S-Z of Kurt's Growing-up Years

Here is the final segment in the 'Alphabet Album' I made of Kurtis's growing up years. Click on the "Alphabet Album" category to the right to see more pages ---->
Scroll down to see S-Z of Kurt's growing-up years

This picture doesn't reallydo this page much justice... it is super fun because it is SUPER bright! The lime green worked perfectly with the stickers I had, as well as the pictures of neon snow-gear that was oh-so popular in the early 90's!

I love this (above) layout. My hubby has always loved bikes... always! In fact, his Dad, Mom and Brother all ride motorcycles as well. Kurt recently sold his last motorcycle... wonder when we'll get a new one? :)

This (above) is the 'prettiest' page in this album. As Kurt is a "Man's Man" (ie: extremely redneck), I tried to keep things as far away from frilly and pink as possible.


Disclaimer: All of the pictures on this "Underwear?" page featured Kurtis naked as a baby... I figured I would keep it 'G' rated and only show the cute embellishments! (although who could possibly be offended by an adorable baby?!?)




Kurtis loved Davey Crocket as a child. When he finally got his own 'coon-skin' hat, he wore it everywhere, even to bed! In honour of Davey...

And there you have it folks, a fully completed, 90 page 'Alphabet Album.' It is simple, lots of fun, and a great way to get through some of those years of piled up pictures without wearing yoruself out. This is a great keepsake and if I never get to the rest of Kurt's pictrues, at least he has some reminders of each year of his life growing up. Good luck with your projects... i'd love to see how they turn out!

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