Sunday, August 29, 2010

Challenge #5: A Sentimental Journey (using computer generated text)

Challenge #5 already! If you haven't already, head on over to Lasting Memories to see what all my Design Teammates have come up with for this "Sentimental Journey" challenge.
The real challenge with this one was the computer generated text/title. I don't often use the computer to print anything (other than pictures!), why else would I have a cricut?? :)
I found, however, some 'computer generated' things I already had and wanted to use.
This layout is a tribute to my wonderful read about some of my Grammy's wonderful characteristics and adventures, click HERE.

I began by digging through a box of old photos and newspaper cutouts and journal entries from my Grandma. There was so much I wanted to use, but I decided to stick with just pictures and keep it simple- a tribute to her memory. I am planning on adding a few more layouts to follow this one, showcasing memorabilia and family pictures. 
The following painting and picture on a swing are the front and back cover from her funeral program. This was a true celebration of life and love.  
The 'computer gernerated' text that I used is actually the Eulogy/Life story in a nutshell that we all got a copy of after the Memorial. My Grandmother was a truly amazing woman, and I can only hope to one day be as inspirational to my children and grandchildren as she was to all of us.  

To see more inspiration and "sentimental journeys' head on over to Lasting Memories!


  1. Wow Pris, this is beautiful. I'm really loving everyone's layouts this week. Alot of thought went into them. TFS...

  2. Beautiful pages, Pris! What a wonderful tribute to your Grandmother.

  3. I want this!!!!!
    PS - Holly and I found some of her Grade 12 writing assignments. It was fun to read and sounded so much like her!