Saturday, August 7, 2010

Even MORE 'Alphabet Album.' My Hubby, M-R.

For those of you who are stopping by for the first time, or haven't been around for awhile, I have been showcasing a full "Alphabet Album" that I created for my husband from 22 years of growing-up pictures. Feel free to look back at the previous posts for pages A-L. Just clikc on my "Alphabet Album" link in the Categories section to the right ---->  
And now, without further ado, M-R:


I found 'N' to be one of the hardest letters to come up with a title for. That is until I remembered that Kurtis had been part of the National Rifle Team. I had to search for these pictrues (since he had them personally, not his Mother, who I got all of the other pictrues from). I like how these pages turned out though... 

This is another of my favourite pages, and a technique I really like to use when I have a lot of pictures from an event. You will note, that on the left page below, there is nothing but pictures. Sometimes it can take quite a while to get all the pictures to fit exactly and fill up every bit of space, but I love how it looks!



Above is another layout I really like (can you tell I love to scrap 'farm' pictures?). I really like it, because of the photos on the right page. These were actually taken outside when it was cold, and the shutters did not open all the way. Of course there weren't digital cameras back then, so they didn't know it until the pictures were printed. What a neat effect!!

I'd love to hear any ideas about your 'Alphabet Albums'... either those you have made, or those that you have been inspired to make. What sort of theme will your album have? What is your favourite title?

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  1. Hey Pris!! Wow, this is awesome!! Does your hubby know you're doing this for him?? How was your trip?