Friday, July 9, 2010

More 'Alphabet Album!' Kurt's Life F-L...

Here are some more of my 'Alphabet Album' pages! F-L of my Hubby's growing-up years... again, there are lots of 'outdoorsy' and 'farm' layouts... my favourite to make! (Although, sometimes I run out of new ideas after an entire album of camping and animal pictures!!) Let me know what you think, or any suggestions you make have for my next 'Alphabet Album!'


This was a super fun page to make, as I had just bought a new "Puzzle Maker" punch from Creative Memories and I was dying to use it! Then of course, my newly discovered love (the cricut!) just happened to have puzzle piece letters as well. I also had some really neat 'tool' embellishments that I couldn't seem to find a project for...perfect!!

My husband and I both LOVE to read...!



Another seven letters in my Hubby's life! This was also the very first "Creative Memories" album I ever made. I was always very skeptical about these albums because of the way the pages fit into place: you use both sides of the page...therefore there is no room to add pages if you forget something or want to rearrange things. Because I scrapbook chronologically, this really scared me because there is no room to play if you forget some pictures or an event...not like a "slide" album where you can just add a page wherever you like. Because I had everything pre-arranged, I really enjoyed this project. I have since gone on to complete another 3 (90 page!) Creative Memories albums. You just have to be careful that you have ALL of your pictures printed and put in order before you start!


  1. The album is awesome in person too!

  2. Creative Memories now has "Side Loading" pages. The cost is the same as "regular" pages and protectors. this would eliminate the "missing" picture dilemma.