Monday, July 12, 2010

Adding Memorabilia to pages... Ideas and Examples

We all like to save memorabilia from important events... some of us are worse then others (hoarders, you know who you are!!). Why not start using those precious time-capsules in your scrapbooks?
Here are some ideas of things you could use to enhance your layouts:

- event tickets
- programs
- scraps of ribbon and material (from an event or otherwise)
- napkins/favours (from a wedding or reception)
- baby hair & hospital bracelets
- badges
- stamps (mailing/post marked)
- newspaper clippings
- letters and awards
- money (foreign coins or bills from travelling)
- postcards
-Famous Autographs
- gift cards and tags
- paper bags
- wrapping paper
- name tags & business cards
- receipts

The possibilities are endless! I even used the crushed pieces of my husbands wedding band!
A scrapbook is a place to keep your memories fresh and tangible, not just a story book to look pretty on your shelf. So start diggin' through those boxes and bring out those little chunks of history for everyone to see!

Here are some examples of things I have used in the past:

When my sister and I travelled in Cambodia, we went to the 'Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum.' I wanted to keep the pamphlet so that other people could read about it.
 The background of the left page is actually a paper bag from our trip to Skagway, Alaska. There is also a business card from the "Olde Tyme" photo shop we got our picture taken at.
At another stop in Alaska, they gave everyone a cedar chip to "throw in the fire and make a wish." Of course I kept mine to scrapbook! 
 For the title page of my "Yukon Years" album, I used a post marked stamp from my home town.
 One of my University roommates and I are both obsessed with curling (and football!). One year we volunteered at the "Canada Cup Qualifiers." Of course I had to put our volunteer badge and autographs in my scrapbook!
Ticket stub to prove I was at the game!
My little brother is obsessed with hockey... I made this page for him from our visit to the "Hockey Hall of Fame." I used the pamphlet, stickers, a cut out from the paper bag and some old monogrammed credit cards (which I signed up for simply to get the cool picture!!) 
 Here I used the invitation and tickets from my highschool graduation. 
My Hubby was a Cadet for many years growing up, and he won many distinguished awards. Here are a few newspaper clippings and a badge from his time in the Army Cadets
This layout is actually mostly a collection of memorabilia. My sister and I spent an entire month in Vietnam, but we did not take very any pictures. In order to document our adventures, I used business cards, Vietnamese money, a "smog mask" and postcards from the places we stayed. In the blank space, I will journal our adventures.

And there you have it... it is just that simple to enhance your pages and have something tangible to remember an event by! Have fun coming up with ideas... and let me know what YOU have used in the past to enhance your layouts!


  1. Wow Pris, this is amazing and what a lot of neat ideas. You've really traveled a lot. I really love that you shared this!

  2. You are so creative! (Must be genetic!)

  3. Yay! You are so good with scrapbooking, I love seeing what you have been up to.