Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Last year this was our LAST day of holidays at the Meziadin, and this year it is our FIRST day!!! See you in a few weeks!!!

Last year on this day, we were camping at the Meziadin River... far away from anyone. Kurt was out on the water fishing by the time the sun woke up... I got some beautiful pictures; living the dream. This was our last day of holidays, so we decided to head over to Stewart and Hyder, Alaska for the day. We even went out for Kurt's favourite food, pizza. It had been raining for the last few days, but it was an absolutely gorgeous day. We had to pack up and head home (drive all the nest day...)to be back for work (I had to work on my birthday!), but we basked in that last day of freedom for as long as we could. It was truly lovely and worth every moment.
Here is Kurtis out in the water fishing, and then some glorious pictures from our drive that day. Below are some pictures from Stewart (left) and Hyder, Alaska (right). What a crazy little village! Very neat to visit, though we didn't stay very long. I still need to journal these pages...

Happy Birthday my Love!

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  1. Beautiful pages, Pris! Hope you guys have an awesome time on your vacation this time around as well!! Happy Birthday wishes to your hubby!