Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday TO ME!!!

Yes, today I turn old. Ugh.
Since it is my birthday, I thought I would take you down memory lane to experience all of my past birthdays... well up until I turned 17 anyway. I guess I stopped having birthday's after I went off to university. These are some of my VERY early scrapbooking pages...  from close ot ten years ago! Actually I had originally started scrapping these when I was about 10 or 11... and hated the pages so much that a few years later I re-did them into what you see now. You can see my style evolving every year...

As you will see in the next few layouts... my Dad's favourite thing to do is take a picture of you while you are still sleeping on your birthday morning. The entire family then clamours in and sings happy birthday. A rude awakening, but you have to smile anyway. Glad I don't live at home anymore. :)
I was obsessed with SpongeBob for a few years... oh the fun!
And there you have it...me every year until I was 17. We'll just leave it at that...17 was a good year.


  1. These are awesome and I'm thinking Creative Memories, right? That's what I first started scrapping with too!! HAPPY Birthday to you, my friend, hope it's a good one and you're having an awesome time!

  2. You were (and still are!) so cute! Brings back lots of memories - as any good scrapbook should! Happy day and love you lots!