Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yard Adventures

Our trip(s) to Dawson last Saturday with our neighbours yielded ALOT of wood. Even with driving the truck down to Dawson twice (diesel is not cheap these days, and we'll need at least one more trip) we will have saved five or six hundred dollars on lumber for our fence!That just goes to prove how greedy and overpriced everything is in Fort St John. Our neighbours all want the same fence which definitely makes things easier and cheaper. We are hoping to get all of the post in the ground this weekend, and then we will be able to slowly put up the fence boards throughout the summer as we have time and money.
Amongst this weekends trips to Dawson and two birthday parties, I managed to plant all of the rest of my perennials. I made another bed along the back wall of our house with all of the plants Jody brought me. I spent the most time on this bed, mixing the soil and making it nice and deep. I will probably have to redo the beds in the front yard next year, but this one will be perfect! A few more weeks and I'll post pictures of the multi-coloured blooms!
My garden is doing splendidly and I already have several large (about 6 inch long!!) zucchini! Oh the joy of planting early indoors... you have veggies that much earlier! My peas and beans are all about four inches high, tomatoes are getting nice and hardy, lettuce, spinach and carrots are popping up all over the place and my broccolli are flourishing! I even have two inch high corn stocks! The only thing struggling are my squash... they are just getting too wind blown, another reason why we need to get our fence up soon! I can hardly wait to be eating fresh veggies from our back yard!

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