Friday, June 11, 2010

Never enough rocks...or flowers!

Last night we headed out to Solid Rock Ranch to collect some more rocks for our yard. We got another truck box full that we plan on lining my front and back flowerbeds with and then filling under our front deck. I think it will look superb!
Yesterday at lunch I started turning over the earth where my flowerbed is going to go in our back yeard. It will be right along the house and between the deck stairs and the wall. Jody brought me a bunch more gorgeous flowers yesterday (thanks Jo!!) and I can hardly wait to get home to plant them! I have another bag of peatmoss, some fertilizer, mulch, manure tea and even a little bit of sand all ready to be mixed and made into a little piece of heaven for my pretty plants! They are going to be so happy!
My husband is a little annoyed at all of the flowers streaming into our yard, so I think this will be the last new growth I plant...this year at least! I'll have to let him warm up to the idea of having a nice, lush and colourful yard! He is very proud of our grass, however, which he cut for the first time on Tuesday night. It looks a million times nicer than it did since it was getting rather tall and scraggly, not to mention the weeds and bald patches were more prominent!
We are very proud of our little home... come by for a visit any time!

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