Monday, June 21, 2010

Cruisin' to Alaska

As we are coming up on our second anniversary (!), I thought it would be appropriate to post the pictures from our honeymoon. In July of 2008, Kurtis and I went on an Alaskan Cruise. We spent most of the week in our room... not because it was our honey moon, but because Kurtis was deathly ill! He started feeling very tired on the flight to Vancouver, and by the first morning he was dead to the world. We had terrible rainy weather the entire trip, and were surrounded by old Americans playing Bingo and getting drunk. Not really our kind of vaction. Despite these drawbacks, we enjoyued ourselves as best we could by playing minigolf, reading lots of books that we bought in Skagway, and eating delicious food. I think we'll save our next cruise until we are about 85 years old... that or go somewhere that is guaranteed to be hot!

I had a lot of fun putting this album together shortly after we returned. I bought some of the paper and cie cuts while we were on the cruise, but most of the stuff is just from my personal collection.

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