Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pioneering... just a dream?

My life long dream has been to live "in the bush" and be completely self sufficient...basically I have always wanted to be a "pioneer." Unfortunately, my husband is not of the same mind and the furthest he wants to be "out" is a farm... good enough for me!
Because money is always an issue when trying to buy land out of town (or any significant piece of land anywhere), we recently bought a house in town that we plan to live in for the next several years. It is a beautiful brand new home with Geo-Thermal heat and a decent size yard, and we really love it!

My dreams are still very much alive, however, and I have been trying to get my husband to let me have chickens since we first bought the place. I think I almost have him convinced... but unfortunately I will have to wait until our fence is completely finished before we can really decide. While living in town I would never dream of having more that 3 or 4 chickens... just enough for eggs and personal enjoyment! I would love to have a few Orpingtons (pictured above) as they are great layers and also wonderful meat birds. Well, I guess I will just have to keep hoping and praying... at least I know I will be able to have chickens once we move out of town, and I guess a few years wouldn't be so bad to wait...


  1. It all comes from the days of pulling guts out of headless chickens back at Sonja's!

  2. Indeed it does! What a joy those days were!