Thursday, April 22, 2010

One Night in Bangkok...

For the Winter months of 2006 (January to April), my sister Lydia and I took a vacation to South-East Asia. We spent the first month touring the sights of Northern Thailand, running from one attraction to another, taking all night busses, sleeping in shacks and walking several miles a day.

 We toured the King's Palace, went on a Boat Tour of Bangkok, explored countless markets both night and day. Saw every Wat (temple) we could find in every town, went to the Golden Triangle, Toured a "Long Neck" village, entered into Myanmar (Burma) for a day and went on a three day treck through the hills of Northern Thailand. White water rafting, elephant riding, Thai food, beautiful scenery and good friends filled every moment of every day.
The above pictures are from the first month of our three month adventure. This was the trip you take once in a lifetime, and neither of us would trade the experience for the world. I will post more pictures of the rest of the trip soon...


  1. These are amazing! I want to have a book like this too! I don't think I actually have any of the pictures from our trip.