Friday, February 19, 2010

In the spirit of the Olympics...

Well, it has been a while since I posted... I have been busy studying for an exam I have to take for my "real" job in a few weeks. Why do they make case studies so bloody ambiguous!?!?! Good thing Kurtis has been gone for the week so I can focus on studying!

In the spirit of the Olympics (Go Canada Go!!), I thought I would post some "sports" themed layouts that I have done in the past. Sports are a great scrapbook subject! The fast-action shots and victory faces are precious memories that you want to preserve in a rich format. I find sporting events very fun to scrapbook because you can use a big, bold and bright approach. Below I have included a few examples of "sport" oriented pages from my collection.
Take me to the rodeo!
And of course, my all time favourite sport, curling!
I wouldn't be Canadian if I didn't include some hockey pictures...
Fast action sports...

And of course, the best team to ever play football... The Saskatchewan RoughRiders!
Well, hopefully these can get your mind working on some possibilties for "sport" pictures you may have laying around just waiting to be scrapbooked! 

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