Thursday, February 11, 2010

Holidays Holidays Holidays

Holidays are one of those times when everyone remembers to take out the camera, so usually we have lots of fun pictures from family gatherings and holiday festivities. We all want to remember our favourite holidays with fondness and clarity, so get out those Christmas pics and get in touch with me to start planning your holiday album!
Again I would like to reiterate that layouts can be as detailed or as sparse as you want them to be. In my personal "chronological" albums I try to fit each event into one or two spreads so that it can tell a story as well as be beautiful to look at. I prefer my "chronological" story to remain very simple with not alot of embelishment and more pictures to tell the tale. If I do not have very many pictures from an event, I will try to include memorabilia or a large journaling block to write out my memories of the event. If there is no memorabilia available, I create decorative embelishment to enhance the few pictures I do have. Embelishments should always be ENHANCEMENTS, and not the focus of a page. We are scrapbooking in order to re-live and share our memories with others, not to just see pretty ribbons and paper.
Below are some Christmas and winter layouts from my personal "chronological" album:
The following layouts are from a family Easter get-together:
Don't forget about all those fun times with your realatives and friends... let's get scrappin!

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