Monday, September 20, 2010

Our Weekend Report:

Oh Happy Day!
The forecast was calling for snow... but the sun has won again! It is currently +3!! Yay!
It's not that I don't like winter... I love winter! It's just that I am missing summer. Oh well.

Our Weekend Report:
We spent a lovely weekend out at my in-law's farm, cleaning, organizing, constructing and hunting! Well... Kurt was hunting and we were doing everything else! Nineteen GEESE in the freezer already... it's gonna be a good winter!!! We are having Christmas out at the farm this year with our whole family, and a bunch of relatives! There will be between 24-29 people there for Christmas day!!! Hence the early getting ready.
 My Father-in-law and I are a great carpentry team... we built a step in front of the fireplace on Saturday night. What fun, and it looks fantastic!! I can't wait to sit by the fire and open my stocking! We are going to tile-mosaic the base and around the fireplace opening... I can't wait! I'll be sure to post pictures when it is done. Does anyone know where I can find cheap tiles???
Yesterday we put on and attended a 94th birthday party for our community Grandmother. What a blast! She is the most spunky old girl I know... and everyone had a great time.
Well....there's our weekend in a nutshell.
In other news... I will be placing a Creative Memories order this Wednesday, so if anyone needs supplies in the next few days, let me know! Or check out my website to order supplies and have them delivered directly to your home address!
Don't forget to head on over to Lasting Memories and enter this week's Challenge: "Circles, Squares & Scallops"

Happy Scrappin'!

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  1. See if they have any 'seconds' at a hardware store. Sometimes they have a box that is slightly damaged, or is missing a few tiles, or is the last of a now out of stock type. (Tip from the Art teacher who has learned how to scrounge.)