Sunday, September 12, 2010

Challenge #6: Out of the Box! Try Something Completely NEW!

Well, this week's challenge was to step out of our creative boxes, and try somehting completely NEW. This whole Design Team experience has been new to me and already I have done several things I never thought of doing in my scrapbooks...and there are lots more "out of the box" for me challenges coming up!

This may seem odd to many of you...but I have never used a sketch to make a layout (or card or anything). Ever. I just haven't. I hate feeling closed in and like I have to follow a pattern. I know you can deviate, and that a sketch is only supposed to give you ideas... but my mind doesn't work that way! It's all or nothing baby!
So,... for this week's "Out of the Box" challenge I used a sketch!!
I finally found a sketch I liked at Scrapbook Challenges and printed it off. I decided to stick with something simple for my first sketch, and I actually LOVE how it turned out! Here goes...

Well... my blog is full. I am not sure how this happened as I have not even had it up and running for a year yet...but apparently I can no longer upload pictures. As Kurt is going back to school in a couple weeks and we will be down to one income, I don't have the extra cash to buy "space"  to hold for the time being, or until I figure out what is really the matter... I will only be posting words... this will be a challenge... but I think it will be kind of fun! We'll see.

So... to check out my layout for this week, head on over to LASTING MEMORIES LAYOUT CHALLENGE!!!!


  1. That's really strange?? I've never heard that before!!

  2. Your layout over at LMLC is really cool! What a shame you are having blogging issues! Hope you are able to sort it out!

  3. Wierd ... I didn't know there as a limit on pictures. the Scrap book layout is cool