Saturday, February 12, 2011

Norwegian Crafts (a little late!)

Wow! I cannot believe that it is February already! The winter months have been flying by and leaving my in the...snow. Since Christmas it seems like we just haven't been able to slow down. I had some big changes to my job, whihc have left me busier than ever, and Kurtis has been working out...basically all of January and February! I have been lucky to have a precious few days with him since Christmas! And, besides all that boring-busy stuff, I have found a new passion! Yoga.
I have taken up yoga with a vengeance. I have gone to a Yoga every day except Monday (because I curl that evening during Yoga!) for the last two weeks. I bought a membership and I am hooked! Obsessed might be a better way of putting it. I crave Yoga. But, better than that, I feel great! I am even craving healthy foods and lots of water! What a wonderful activity, that ANYONE can do! I would encourage everyone to try it, who knows, you may be like me and not know what you are missing out on!

Anyway... it is good to be back in the blogging world. I have a couple of crafts I need to show you (from months ago now!).

Back in November, my Husbands family has an annual get together called "Norwegian Weekend" in which we all get together, cook Norwegian food all day, and have a gift exchange of Norwegian-esk goodies. This year I decided to make our gifts... so... I made a pillow. My favourite kind of sewing is 'paper piecing' because you can make really neat/intricate designs fairly simply. I started bymapping out the letters "NORWAY": (*NOTE: if you are paper piecing letters, be sure to write them backwards!!)

 I meant to take pictures during the sewing process, but I got caught up in the moment... so here is the finished product. Back view with a large slit to insert the pillow and then a really fun large button to close the opening.
 Front view:
 I then had to make a late night trip to WalMart to find a pillow that would fit inside...and here you have it! A bright and fluffy NORWAY pillow! (PS: It was a hit!)
 I had to make a second with the scraps left from the pillow I made some crazy quilted pot holders! For a great tutorial on how to make pot holders, visit Hawadeare!... this is where I got hte idea, and man, is it easy and fast to do!
Uncle Chester, at 92 years young, he was the oldest Viking at our get together!
And here is Mia, our three year old baker... great Lefsa rolling skills start young!
The Viking men...
Me and my very own Viking...
Jody and her kids made an awesome Viking birthday cake for Elroy's 60th... you should have seen it all lit up!

Well, that's it for now. Welcome back to ScrapArt by Pris... I look forward to sharing the scraps of my life with you again!

Happy Scrappin'!

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